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20 Reasons Why You NEED Placenta Supplements

20 Reasons Why You NEED Placenta Supplements

Placenta Supplement - What Is It? How Does it Work?

Placenta supplements are made from human placentas. They contain nutrients and hormones that help support healthy pregnancy.

Placenta supplements are used by pregnant women to promote healthy growth in their babies. The supplements are also used for other purposes, such as treating infertility and helping people recover from surgery.

What Are Placenta Supplements Made From?

Human placentas are made up of two main parts: the amniotic sac (which contains the baby) and the umbilical cord (which connects the baby to the mother). These parts are separated during birth and then processed into different products.


How Do They Work?

Placenta supplements work by providing essential nutrients and hormones that are needed during pregnancy. These supplements also provide an environment where the baby can develop properly.

Benefits of Using Placenta Supplements

There are several benefits to using placenta supplements. First, they offer a natural alternative to synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Hormone levels naturally decline as women age, so taking a supplement helps maintain normal hormone levels. Second, placenta supplements are safe for use during pregnancy. Third, they are easy to take because they come in pill form. Finally, they are inexpensive compared to other forms of treatment.



Placenta Benefits


Why Do You Need Them?

There are several reasons why you might need them.  Here are 20:

  1. First, they can help with the healing process after childbirth.
  2. Second, they can help prevent postpartum depression.
  3. Third, they can help reduce stress and anxiety.
  4. Fourth, they can help improve sleep quality.
  5. Fifth, they can help boost energy levels.
  6. Sixth, they can help promote better digestion.
  7. Seventh, they can help with weight loss.
  8. Eighth, they can help with skin care.
  9. Ninth, they can help with hair growth.
  10. Tenth, they can help with joint pain.
  11. Eleventh, they can help with allergies.
  12. Twelfth, they can help with blood pressure.
  13. Thirteenth, they can help with muscle recovery.
  14. Fourteenth, they can help regulate hormone levels.
  15. Fifteenth, they can help treat certain cancers.
  16. Sixteenth, they can help relieve symptoms of menopause.
  17. Seventeenth, they can help with fertility issues.
  18. Eighteenth, they can help boost immunity.
  19. Nineteenth, they can help with wound healing.
  20. And finally, twenty - they can help with other medical conditions.


Where Can I Buy Placenta Supplements?

Placenta products are very specialized so there are a limited number of resources when looking for these precious gems. Normally a woman gives birth and saves her placenta which is then processed into a pill that can be taken. This, of course, is limited to just that woman because other people can’t consume tissue from another human.

This is where Vitamin Placenta comes in, a product made in the USA using GMP standards for both men and women. The difference is that these pills are not made from human placenta, but rather porcine (pig) placental tissue. This is important because pig placenta pills mimic human placental pills closer than any other animal. They are also better absorbed in the body and are significantly safer than consuming human tissue due to the regulatory process involved in making a placental supplement in the USA.

Vitamin Placenta is produced by a company called Placenta Products, which is based in Southern California. The product goes through rigorous safety tests to ensure that it contains no harmful bacteria, viruses, or metals. After manufacturing is completed Vitamin Placenta is sent to a third-party organization called the ISO which then certifies that the product only has what is claimed in the bottle. Furthermore, ISO certification is the highest standard for dietary supplements since it goes through a rigorous process to test for harmful chemicals, bacteria, and verifies that the placenta capsules contain only what is described on the label – nothing more and nothing less. Once that is complete you can purchase the placenta supplement at:


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