How Placentophagy Changed My Life

My Story

I have worked long and hard to discover the wonders of the placenta. After years of work I developed a cancer vaccine from placental tissue, based on the similarities of placenta and cancer. This work was published in my international patent, and the work was done with my other company, and can be found if you search for “Placental Vaccination Therapy for Cancer”.

However, after many years of work I became plagued with a crippling anxiety, depression, and dependence on painkillers. I tried nearly everything to get better, with many pharmaceutical drugs, each with its own side-effects of course, and eventually found myself right where I started when nothing worked. I kept re-injuring myself, and after breaking my back in a car accident I had chronic pain in my back. I knew that continuing on the painkillers was no solution, so I looked at my scientific endeavors, and the scientific literature for more answers.

Placenta Benefits

This led me right back to where I was when I started, back to the placenta. I read about all the miraculous cures and effects from people eating placenta. I started to look back to the research and read about animals experiencing reduced pain from consuming placental tissue. Then I read about how women had better mood, reduced signs of depression, and reduced anxiety after taking placenta as a supplement. These women nearly cried when they were done with their supply!

As a man, I knew it was not possible to consume my own placenta, and since no one I knew was about to give birth, I looked at finding a safe placental based supplement from animals. Although there were products deep in China and Japan, there was nothing available in the US. So, I decided to make one myself. Being a scientist, with access to a laboratory, I gathered porcine placental tissue and processed it into a powder extract, which I started taking every day.

Placenta Supplement

I was amazed at the results. My chronic pain went away after a few weeks and I started to feel better almost immediately. My anxiety and depression disappeared, and I was able to function normally in society - finally I was back to my normal functioning! I knew that I couldn’t be the only person who wanted some of this supplement, and since there was no other company making it in the US, I decided to start one. I labored for hours, and had to raise money, find the right partners, and create the perfect formulation. The result of my hard work is the supplement Vitamin Placenta. This is the only US-made placenta product and it consists of porcine placental extract.

Eating Placenta Extract

I gave it to friends, who experienced similar symptoms, and many of them were amazed at the results they felt. Everyone experienced some benefits, but the variety of symptoms that were treated was so vast. A lot of men wanted it to help them with post-acute withdrawal, various additions, hair loss, and it worked well for all of them. Many women who did create placental supplements from their own placenta wanted it to experience the benefits again, and they did. They reported better mood, more energy, less depression, and reduced anxiety. The same benefits they got when they ate their own placenta.

Some people used this supplement to help them with pain, some with opioid addiction, some with anxiety, depression, mood, energy, pain, beauty, and it seemed that everyone got some benefits from it. I don’t want you to take my word for it, I want you to try it for yourself. If any of this sounds like something you deal with, I urge you to try this product. Although pharmaceutical drugs may help and work for some people, there isn’t a single drug that provides all the benefits this one product naturally helps with. And remember, it is natural, made from placental tissue, safe due to extraction and GMP processing, and effective at alleviating a variety of symptoms.

This is my story, and why I decided to try placental extract. I am curious to ask, what is your story?

If you want to hear about others who decided to eat placenta I suggest you check out our testimonials page, which mentions celebrities' like Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, among others. On the other hand, if you just want a brief "cliff-notes" version of the benefits of eating placenta pills check out this link, I promise you won't regret it!

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