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Placenta Pills Helps with Pain Relief

Alternative Medicine for Pain Relief

Placenta Reduces Pain

Placental supplementation helps significantly in relieving pain and enhancing mood. In the detailed description below we will describe how the body deals with pain and how the placenta uniquely approaches this issue and helps with natural pain relief through specific pain-relieving attributes unique to only placenta tissue.
Placenta Helps Reduce Pain

In the brain there exist opioid receptors which are used to naturally allow someone to experience pleasure. There are different kinds of opioid receptors, however the most prominent of these is the mu-receptor which is linked to the most common associations we have with benefits of drugs normally targeting these receptors, such as painkillers. Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Morphine, even Heroin binds to this receptor to produce effects we know well by now, mainly euphoria, sedation, and relaxation, although, that isn’t the main purpose of those drugs, as pain relief is the reason they are prescribed.

The placenta works on this same area of the brain to do a unique function at this receptor site. Placenta has been found to naturally enhance the way these receptors respond to anything that binds to this receptor site. Upon ingestion, placenta has been found to enhance any opioid that binds to this mu-receptor, along with other opioid receptors. What this means is that the response from ingestion of any of these drugs while consuming placenta will cause an increased effect in response, so the drugs will be more powerful if given with placenta.

Placental Opioid Enhancing Factor (POEF)

This has been thoroughly studied in rodents and is a powerful effect which no other chemical or biologic does, and this helps make the placenta a very special organ with unique qualities which no other organ can do. In scientific literature this term has been deemed placental opioid enhancing factor, or POEF, and is one of the reasons placental consumption by humans has great effects on the way the brain works, and how it benefits the body through reduction of pain, reduction of stress, and relaxation. This also helps boost mood, and regulate emotion in some, especially during painful and stressful times.

Although placental consumption affects the way certain drugs react with the body, there is no need for drug consumption to experience the benefits of placental consumption. Our body creates natural opioids called endorphins, or endogenous morphine, which bind to the same mu-receptors as these foreign painkillers. Other opioids your body produces are known as enkephalins, and these peptides bind the body’s natural opioid receptors. So, without ever needing foreign or chemical pharmaceutical drugs, our body has its own way of dealing with pain, and pleasure. It creates these protein messengers naturally inside the brain. Besides these two proteins, there are a myriad of other chemicals the human body produces which bind mu-opiod receptors such as endomorphins, and other opioid receptors such as dynorphins. However, our body doesn’t respond as strongly to these natural painkillers as to their chemical or pharmaceutical equivalents. That is until placenta is introduced, and the POEF takes effect.

Benefits of Eating Placenta

So basically, the body can take care of itself in terms of natural ways of activating the opioid system, without the need for toxic and addictive drugs. The problem is that most of these methods fail to activate the opioid system enough to produce effects similar to Norco, Percocet, or Morphine. With the help of placental extract everything changes. Suddenly, those natural peptides produced by the body have an enhanced response. The body’s natural mechanism for dealing with pain and stress are felt by people, and the effects of placental consumption (eating placenta) results in effects similar to those seen in opioid ingestion, however without the negative side-effects such as dependence, tolerance, and withdrawal. Finally, a way to boost our natural painkillers without relying on pharmaceutical drugs!

Natural Pain Relief

This is a game changer. Eating placenta can offer pain relief naturally through the interaction between the body’s natural pain-relieving peptides and the mu-opioid receptor, creating a relaxing feeling that is enhanced from what would normally be felt when these peptides are released alone, due to the placenta working on these receptors to enhance the way they respond to anything that binds to them. This means enhanced relief and relaxation during stressful times, reduced stress, and effective pain relief when experiencing painful stimuli, all thanks to the placental-opioid-enhancing-factor; a natural way to enhance the body’s ability to reduce pain and generate effective pain-relief by enhancing the response of the brain’s natural opioids.

Vitamin Placenta

Vitamin Placenta was created to take advantage of this system and offer the benefits of enhanced pain relief, relaxation, and reduction of stress naturally without the need for pharmaceutical drugs. This helps boost mood as well. For the first time we can take advantage of our body’s natural ability to offer these benefits by amplifying the response of endorphins and enkephalins through ingestion of placental tissue. This is available to everyone in a safe, easy to take supplement for the very first time. And the results are very strong, as can be attested by many women who have experienced these effects firsthand by consuming their own placenta after birth. They report reduced pain, enhanced mood, and increased energy, among other benefits.

Placenta Pills

Today, you don’t have to be a woman giving birth to experience the benefits of placenta pills. This product was created for everyone to experience these effects, whether they are man or woman, childbearing or not, there are no limitations to who can experience the benefits of this product. Vitamin Placenta was created to give everyone an equal chance at effective pain relief without harmful pharmaceutical painkillers, which is so important in society today, and importantly, it allows this to happen without the side-effects and dependency issues associated with chemical painkillers. The placenta can enhance your body’s natural painkillers enough so that you can feel them, something that that Chinese have known for over one thousand years, and that researchers are just discovering today.

This product was created to help the brain deal with pain, stress, depression, anxiety, and help the body regenerate its natural beauty, allowing each person to feel their absolute best. We have many scientific studies on placenta to account for each of these claims, so the research is there to back this up. If this sounds like something you’d like to experience, we ask you to try a bottle of Vitamin Placenta and experience the healing powers of placental tissue. It might be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.

Placenta Pills Help with Pain Relief

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Research shows additional benefits and backs up these claims

The pain-reducing effects of placenta are believed to be due to the endogenous opioids, specifically placental opioid-enhancing factor, which is present in placenta (Kristal et al., 2012; Marraccini & Gorman, 2015). Marraccini and Gorman (2015) postulated pain reduction due to endogenous opioids in human, dolphin, and bovine amniotic fluid in rats, and Kristal et al. (2012) reported that rats that ate placenta experienced analgesic effects compared with rats that ate beef. Kristal et al. also pointed out that the POEF is so strong that “we observed numerous times in the studies on pain threshold, [placental] ingestion potentiates the effects of opioids in a way that renders an ineffectively low dose effective (more opioid effect with less opioid).” These studies showed that an ineffective dose of morphine, when administered concurrent to placental consumption, caused a significant response to the morphine, such that it was 3 times more effective. In other words, without the placental ingestion, to see the same response in the animals 3 times as much morphine would have to administered without the placenta to see the same pain-relieving and effective response in animals. With placenta 0.1mg of morphine was as effective as 0.3mg as morphine, hence the placental opioid enhancing factor takes effect, and thus causes effective pain relief.


One theory of the effects of placentophagia (eating of placenta) includes the pain-relieving effects of the placenta. β-Endorphin serves as an endogenous opioid produced normally through the hypothalamus–pituitary hormone regulating system (Apari & Rózsa, 2006). The human placenta produces placental β-endorphin, which is suggested to play a role in modifying maternal behavior in analgesia (Apari & Rózsa, 2006). Thus, placentophagia for pain reduction and the mood-enhancing effects of opioids became popular among some women. Limited studies directly explored the effects of placentophagia in humans, despite enhanced pain tolerance reported in animal studies (Marraccini & Gorman, 2015).

Placenta Supplements

Although more studies need to be done, the research shows that placenta can effectively affect our opioid receptors and cause any ligands that bind to them to be more effective. Perhaps this is due to the factors on the placenta which are there to be consumed to alleviate some of the pain of child-birth, or maybe there are certain effects on placental tissue that make our opioid receptors more efficient at responding to anything that binds to them. Regardless, there is clear research that shows that placenta is effective at causing pain relief, and further, can help alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal from opioids after dependence due to the ability of POEF to cause natural endorphins become more effective once bound to the opioid receptors. Ultimately, this research holds great promise at using placental tissue and extract as a means of pain relief and help from opioid withdrawal by making natural painkillers produced by the body strong enough to be felt enough to elicit such a response as reduced pain in animals and better mood in humans.

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