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For over 1,400 years, traditional Chinese medicine has included placenta consumption, known as Zi He Che, for the health benefits of this amazing vascular organ. Since the early 1900s, placental therapy has been used to promote disease recovery and tissue regeneration. In recent years, placental therapy has been used in various clinical applications due to its remarkable therapeutic properties, including antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, pain relief, hair growth promotion, health improvement, cellular proliferation, tissue regeneration, and wound healing properties. Learn about the 4 benefits of eating placenta.

Human placental extracts contain collagen, elastin, laminin, vitamins, trace elements, nucleic acids, amino acids, peptides, cytokines, and growth factors. Numerous scientific research has demonstrated how placenta extract benefits human skin. People who have tried and experienced placental supplements have also mentioned its benefits. Placental extracts are easily absorbed by binding to specific receptors on the surface of targeted cells, which then stimulates inactive or damaged tissues, organs, and cells in the body. This procedure regenerates and repairs tissue. Read about why celebrities eat placenta.

In their research, Pan et al. pointed out that growth factors in placenta extract stimulates fibroblasts, or skin cells, to produce collagen and provide elasticity to the skin. Placental extracts also have various other therapeutic properties, including the ability to stimulate tissue repair, wound healing, anti-inflammatory processes, tissue regeneration, and immunomodulation (Pan et al., 2017). It's no surprise that many women use placenta supplements to stay healthy and rejuvenated! Buy Vitamin Placenta

Placenta Pills Repair Skin

How does Placenta Benefit Skin?

The placenta contains essential and non-essential amino acids such as alanine, aspartic acid, arginine, histidine, leucine, lysine, phenylalanine, proline, tyrosine, tryptophan, and valine. These amino acids stimulate the production of fibroblasts and collagen in addition to reduction of skin pigmentation. In fact, Stellar Biomolecular Innovations (SPMCE) has added placental peptides to its proprietary formulations for aesthetic skin rejuvenation (skin, placenta, mesenchyme, collagen and elastin). This one-of-a-kind formula has a total holistic rejuvenating and revitalizing effect on properties of human skin, and can be used via mesotherapy or topically in conjunction with various cosmeceutical aesthetic procedures (Pan et al. 2017).

The extracellular matrix (ECM), which is found in all tissues and organs, is the largest component of the dermal layer, and provides a biochemical network as well as structural integrity to all surrounding cells. Collagens, proteoglycans/ glycosaminoglycans, elastin, fibronectin, laminins, and other glycoproteins make up their structure. Collagen, the main component of the ECM, is present in mammalian placenta, providing tensile strength, cell adhesion regulation, tissue development, cellular migration, and chemotaxis. The placenta is also high in elastin, which  provides elasticity to the skin and recoils tissues like a spring when stretched repeatedly (Pan et al. 2017) Buy Vitamin Placenta!

Placenta Extract Repairs Skin

Further research suggests that placenta extract consists of anti-inflammatory properties. This type of inflammation reduction helps the body stay beautiful by fighting inflammation that causes red spots, such as those you get from picking at your face. The placenta also exhibits several anti-microbial properties. Histones H2A and H2B proteins, isolated from the placental fetal membrane, act as endotoxin neutralizing barriers and protect against microorganism penetration. Moreover, it inhibits clinically isolated E. Coli strains from uterine and blood cultures, indicating that placental extracts have bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties (Pan et al. 2017).

In addition, placenta also has excellent wound-healing properties. The use of placenta extract for burn injuries, chronic wounds, and post-surgical dressings has long been practiced in many countries, including China, Korea, and Japan. Placental growth factors have been shown in studies to increase the formation of epithelial and granulation tissue in order to speed up the wound healing process. Ready to buy Vitamin Placenta?

 How does Placenta Benefit Hair?

 Placenta has natural factures which directly stimulate hair growth. Alopecia, a condition caused by hormones, genetic factors, autoimmune disease, medications, and stress, all contribute to the disruption of hair follicles which result in hair loss due to direct inhibition and of the hair follicle cycle. Pan et al. referred to the research led by Seo et al., which demonstrated the effectiveness of placental extracts in promoting hair growth. Eating placenta resulted in increased hair re-growth and FGF-7 expression, both of which play critical roles in maintaining the anagen phase and cellular proliferation of hair follicles, implying that it could be used as a treatment for alopecia (2017). Furthermore, placenta pills contain growth factors that encourage hair growth by keeping hair follicles alive and healthy. Kwon et al. also investigated the effectiveness of human placental extract on hair growth and discovered that placenta directly promotes hair growth and thus represents a potential treatment for hair loss (Kwon et al. 2015). This benefit is seen in both men and women, reinforcing the benefits of eating placenta for both sexes.

Placenta Pills Promote Strong Hair Growth

How does Vitamin Placenta Benefit Beauty?

According to the latest scientific research findings, nutrients that are delivered via the placenta may still be retained in the placenta after the fetus is born. Placenta extract retains elements such as collagen, elastin, laminin, multiple vitamins, trace mineral elements, nucleic acids, amino acids, peptides, cytokines, and other growth factors. Vitamin Placenta was developed to take advantage of the nutritional factors found in placental extract. This placenta product can help you look younger and more beautiful, as well as aid in the healing of any scars or lesions on your skin. More specifically, the healing properties of placental tissue is abundant in each placental extract stored in Vitamin Placenta capsules, and through our specialized extraction process, the benefits are ensured through our thorough testing process which maximizes the amounts of these nutrients while removing any harmful pathogens or toxins which would prevent this supplement from helping your hair, body, and skin look its absolute best. Besides this, our porcine-based supplement is safe for consumption by men and women, and through our advanced manufacturing process no trace DNA from pigs can be found in the final product, however the important and beneficial properties of placenta are present and magnified. Therefore, this product can be used by people who normally would not consume pig-based products, and Vitamin Placenta was specifically designed in a way to allow for everyone to benefit from the healing properties of placental tissue without fear of consummation of a product which might be avoided due to religious or health reasons. Buy Vitamin Placenta Now!

Vitamin Placenta is the Best Beauty Product

Why is Vitamin Placenta the Best Natural Beauty Supplement for Men and Women?

Vitamin Placenta isn't just for women, as men can also benefit from the youthful properties of placental tissue to keep their bodies looking young and radiant. The product was created based on the latest scientific research and has been meticulously crafted over years of scientific research to bring you the most scientifically advanced supplement to date. The healing properties of placenta date back thousands of years to traditional Chinese and Eastern medicine, and now we have brought these benefits to you by combining it with the latest Western medicine, in an easy to take placenta pill, which contains the highest quality placental extract, in tasteless and odorless capsule for everyone, including those who would normally be put off by the thought of consuming afterbirth material. However, through our trade-secret and patent-pending formulation, placenta can now be made for everyone for the very first time, and it isn’t something new to the rich and famous. Celebrities have been consuming placenta for years, and it has been their beauty secret, especially since the cost of production has been prohibitly expensive for most people to afford. Additionally, there has been a misconception that placenta must be consumed by women after birth, which has limited the potential market for most people who may not have the ability to give birth and then capsule their placenta afterwards, which eventually would run out anyways. Placenta Planet LLC solves this problem by introducing a product which is derived from pig placenta, which shares the same genetic make-up as human placenta, however, is significantly safer to consume. Additionally, it can be standardized for purity, potency, and efficacy, allowing a safe, natural, and effective product to be mass produced in an affordable way so that men and women world-wide can finally experience the benefits of placental consumption without the hassle of having to give birth, paying a fortune for the product, and experiencing a time where eventually the product would run out without any viable alternative readily available to those who need it most.

While the costs of production and manufacturing have made production and manufacturing expensive, Placenta Products has worked hard to develop a quality product which can be consistently reproduced in an affordable fashion, and offers some of the same benefits as those we see from consuming human placenta, however without the unnecessary risk of contamination, spread of disease, and of course claims of cannibalism. Vitamin Placenta was carefully formulated and developed for years and is finally ready for mass production, especially after going through a meticulous process of ISO certification which has certified our manufacturing process from start to finish, accounting and testing for harmful pathogens, germs, heavy metals and other toxins which may harm humans. Our product is the only ISO certified placental supplement in the world and is by far the best natural product ever made to date. After all, the placenta naturally contains all the vitamins and nutrients needed for survival of the fetus, and thus carries these minerals on to our final product, which is a high-quality placental supplement composed of high-quality placenta extract contained within a capsule and ready for human consumption. And so far, our customers have raved about it, as can be seen on our website in the reviews section, along with the numerous positive feedback left on our Facebook ads from real customers. Buy Vitamin Placenta!

Benefits of Eating Placenta

Best Placenta Pills

We have also worked hard to make sure that this product can be afforded by anyone, and despite our lowered cost we never compromised quality, so for those wondering if this is the real deal, rest assured that there is no better placental product than Vitamin Placenta, and for the price it simply cannot be beat! We also use pig placenta as a source of placenta due to the fact that it is the highest quality placental organ available, and despite the fact that it cost more than sheep or horse placenta, the quality of pig placenta is second to none, so when developing this product we made sure to only use the best. After all, this is your health at stake, and why would anyone want anything other than the best put into their body? After all, you get what you put in, and we want our bodies to perform to their best level, therefore we developed the best possible product. After trying Vitamin Placenta you will see for yourself that there is nothing better than this product, especially when compared to any other nutritional supplement. Buy Placenta Pills!

Placenta Pills Promote Strong Hair Growth

For the first time Vitamin Placenta offers men and women everywhere an affordable option to take advantage of the numerous health benefits of placentophagy. If you want a product that can help you look younger, more radiant, and want to experience first-hand why the celebrities love placenta pills, look no further. Vitamin Placenta will help strengthen your hair, prevent hair loss, reduce wrinkles, fortify skin all while improving the health of your brain, body and beauty.

If you want the most complete and scientifically advanced supplement ever made in the USA look no further – Vitamin Placenta is the only ISO certified placental supplement in the world, made in the US using GMP standards. This means that you can trust that it has undergone meticulous testing in order to bring you the most complete and best health supplement ever made in the world, and it is now available for the first time in the US while supplies last. Don’t you owe it to yourself to give your body the best? If you care about your health and beauty then look no further, grab your bottle of Vitamin Placenta before it’s gone, and experience the most complete nutritional supplement every made!

Many women have experienced the benefits of placenta consumption, and can attest to the fact that the placenta can significantly elevate mood, a fact that research supports as well. It can also boost energy and revitalize the body. Overall, it benefits both the mind and the body, making it the most complete multi-vitamin available. Buy Vitamin Placenta!

Placenta Pills 
Placenta Improves Beauty

Vitamin Placenta was created in the United States to take advantage of all of the beneficial aspects of placental consumption and bring them to you through a specialized extract of placental tissue, that can benefit both men and women. This placenta product provides affordable way for anyone to experience the benefits of placental supplementation, not just the rich and famous celebrities like Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. This product was created to help bring you the same beauty secrets used by the few wealthy people who could afford it. For the first time we are bringing placenta pills main-stream, and the response from our customers has been nothing short of amazing. If you want to learn about some of the reviews from people who tried this product check out this link for placenta pills reviews.

Celebrities' like Kim Kardashian Rave About the Benefits of Eating Placenta Pills

Kim Kardashian Vitamins

Placenta Pills Reviews

Based on the first-hand experience, it is found that, when taking Vitamin Placenta, you will experience less anxiety, irritability, insomnia, a better mood, more energy, less pain, and even better concentration. What we mean is that placenta supplements have potential to provide relief to anyone suffering from any of the symptoms many people feel normally, and deal with them in a natural and affordable way. The rich nutrients and advantages of placenta pills make them great for human consumption and overall beneficial for your brain, body and beauty. Buy Vitamin Placenta!

Placenta Benefits the Brain

Placenta Benefits the Brain

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There is no better product, nothing more effective, natural, or safe as placenta supplements. This product is brought to you by Placenta Planet LLC dba Placenta Products. We are experts in natural, alternative medicine, and Vitamin Placenta is our flagship product, brought to you by experts in the scientific and medical community. If you care about your health and well-being, and are tired of pharmaceutical medications which carry tons of side-effects then look no further.

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