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Is there Real Science Behind Placentophagy (Eating of Placenta)?

Is there Real Science Behind Placentophagy (Eating of Placenta)?

Placenta Benefits of Eating

Excluding several species, the majority of mammals devour their placenta after delivery. Many suggest that this is owing to the nutritious advantages of ingesting a placenta after giving birth. Anecdotal information on female placenta ingestion is generally favorable. An individual can ingest their placenta in various ways; however, the placenta capsule is the most common method for human intake.

Placenta consumption is a decades-old ritual with growing appeal in America. The placenta is a transitory organ that the body produces during childbirth. The Placenta pills provide nourishment and oxygenation to a growing embryo and are rich in vitamins and proteins. Progesterone and estrogen are massive in the placenta.

Placenta encapsulation is converting an entire placenta into tablets that can be consumed afterward. It’s one of several methods to consume the placenta, though perhaps the most common.

How are placenta pills prepared?

Placenta Encapsulation

Because no rules or guidelines control the practice of placental capsules in some regions of the world, you should get the advice of a placenta encapsulation professional, who may be contacted online from anywhere in the world.

There are two ways to consume placenta encapsulation. Each procedure necessitates encapsulating the placenta around two days following birth. The first is the raw approach, while the second is the refined way. The raw technique is one approach to processing, and the conventional approach is another.

The placenta is cleaned after it is removed from the institution or as quickly as the mother births it in the raw processing technique. It is then diced, dried, and ground into powder before being inserted into capsules.

Eating Placenta

Why would a woman want to eat her placenta?

Placenta Benefits Eating

Some people think that eating placenta has several health advantages. The placenta includes numerous essential nutrients and iron that depart a woman’s body when the placenta is delivered. Humans are among the rare animals that do not consume their placenta. Placentophagia is a practice in which it is claimed that swallowing the placenta might assist new moms in regulating their hormone and hematocrit ratios in the weeks following birth. This can assist new moms in recovering faster and reducing tiredness and worry.

Advantages of taking Placenta pills:

Placenta Benefit

The growth in placenta consumption is predicated on the belief that it might assist women in avoiding the baby melancholy and offer a general surge during the following period. While not supported by science, anecdotal evidence suggests that consuming the placenta may have the following benefits:

The following are some of the most often mentioned benefits of eating placenta pills:

  •  Assist in hormonal levels
  •  Restore reduced iron levels
  •  Support the uterus in returning to pre-pregnancy condition.
  •  Lower post-natal bleeding
  •  Boost milk flow
  •  Make the post-natal time happier and more pleasurable.
  •  Boost your levels of energy

There is minimal scientific evidence that placenta encapsulating and eating offer any health advantages. The majority of the data on this method comes from tales rather than studies. Many nursing moms who have used placenta tablets have stated that it has many additional substantial advantages on the wellness of new mothers. They are as follows:

Less weariness and more stamina:

Placenta Health Benefits

Apart from the loss of rest and stamina that accompanies the delivery of an infant, studies suggest an increase in strength and decreased weariness, which we believe is a tremendous advantage of encapsulation of your placenta. Recovery following childbirth is stressful enough, but caring for a baby is tiring! A Placenta capsule might provide you with the additional power you have to care for yourself and your baby whenever you deserve it the most. This increase in energy is due to the iron content and is essential for postpartum wellness.

Eating Placenta Benefits for Women

Oxytocin secretion is increased:

Another great advantage of encapsulating your placenta is that it promotes healthy attachment and lets the uterus rebound to regular size. Because the placenta seems to be an endocrine organ, it produces hormones. As your hormonal changes decline after delivery, placenta tablets may help softly – what’s also so carefully prepared for your body?

Impact on the production of breastmilk:

Improved milk production is another advantage of encapsulation of your placenta. Which Mother doesn’t want to have an excess of breastmilk after delivering a baby?! Several mothers are concerned about nursing and having sufficient milk to nourish their infant; nevertheless, placenta encapsulation was demonstrated to aid milk production.

Homeopathic Treatment:

Alternative Medicine

One of the primary reasons we recommend encapsulation is to reduce the impacts of baby melancholy and maybe alleviate other postpartum mood conditions, including clinical depression. Placenta pills are not toxic and do not build habits. Because your pills include your natural hormones, these are a better option than pharmaceuticals and other alternative paths to take following the delivery of your kid if you are feeling depressed.

Natural Iron level restoration:

Naturopathic Medicine

Many new moms may develop iron abnormality anemia as a result of blood loss following childbirth. Because the placenta is high in iron, taking placenta pills may alleviate this problem. Aside from iron, the placenta contains minerals and vitamins, including B6 and B12, and hormones, including progesterone and estrogen. These hormonal changes begin to decline after you give birth.

Alternative Medicine for Anxiety:

Supplements for Anxiety and Depression

Maternal depression affects particular moms. This is a type of anxiety that makes meeting the requirements of their infant challenging. Maternal depression can be severe at times. So yet, no academic study has determined the advantages of placenta encapsulating in terms of depressive symptoms. Nonetheless, many moms attest that consuming the placenta helps breastfeed mothers cope with it.

Many people who have taken these placenta tablets have reported improved emotions, higher energy, decreased exhaustion, and excellent milk production. They also claim that encapsulating the placenta assisted them in preventing maternal depression. In other terms, placenta tablets can make your postpartum recovery go more smoothly. Clinical studies have not been conducted to investigate these advantages.

Placenta Benefits Eating


Placenta consumption is a decades-old ritual with growing appeal in America. Placenta encapsulation is the most common method for human intake. No rules or guidelines control the practice of placental capsules in some regions of the world; you should seek the advice of a placenta encapsulation professional. There is minimal scientific evidence that placenta encapsulating and eating offer any health advantages. The majority of the data on this method comes from tales rather than studies.

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