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Celebrities Eating Placenta

Results from studies on Humans who Consumed Placenta 

Kardashians Eating Placenta

Eating Placenta After Birth

Thirty-four percent of women in the study reported consuming their placentas for improvements in mood. The positive and negative experiences of these participants were also measured on a 21-item, 5-point Likert scale. The positive experiences included improved mood (40%), increased energy (20%), improved lactation (15%), and decreased bleeding (7%). Although 69% of participants reported no negative experiences, some reported unpleasant smell or taste (7%), headache (4%). An overwhelming 75% of participants described the experience as very positive, and 20% described it as positive. Close to all participants (98%) indicated they would participate in placentophagia again (Selander et al., 2013).

Scientific Data on Placentophagy (Eating Placenta)

You can gain an understanding of what you might experience from this published research. Specifically, out of those who ate placenta, 98% of people said that they would do it again! Significant improvements in mood and energy are shown here, and there is no other natural supplement which improves these attributes in one capsule. Similarly, we have formulated our supplement in such a way that you are very unlikely to have any negative side-effects, since the supplement was designed to mask the taste and smell. These studies find significant correlation to incredible mood-enhancing properties only present in placental tissue, which for the first time is available in an over-the-counter supplement called Vitamin Placenta.


Beauty Benefits of Placenta

Beauty Benefits of Placenta

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry said, "For those wondering, I'm feeling pretty good so far taking my placenta pills." Lowry, 21, tweeted again a day later. "No negative side effects!"

This supplement is so strong in its benefits that it can help fight and reduce depression, increase energy levels, elevate mood, and reduce pain. The main benefits can be abbreviated in three words: Brain, Body, and Beauty. These benefits can be brought to you in one simple capsule in the world’s first placental extract supplement for everyone: Vitamin Placenta. Placenta supplements have been praised by women for reducing emotional outbursts, helping them feel more even and less angry. Many women swear by them, and celebrities have been getting in on the action for years. Vicenta has developed a supplement based on porcine, not human placenta, due to safety issues and developmental standards of operation. This way you aren’t consuming any human tissue, but rather another mammal which we already consume in many different ways, which has been proven to be safe to eat while correlating closely to human.


Kourtney Kardashian Eating Placenta

Kourtney Kardashian Placenta

Kourtney Kardashian swears by placenta consumption. She even posted on her Instagram:

“Yummy...PLACENTA pills! No joke...I will be sad when my placenta pills run out. They are life changing! #benefits #lookitup.”

Kim Kardashian Eating Placenta

Kim Kardashian revealed that she ate her placenta in order to prevent depression, and it worked. In fact Kim is such a fan of consuming placenta pills that she said,

“I had great results and felt so energized and didn't have any signs of depression! I definitely had to do it again. Every time I take a pill, I feel a surge of energy and feel really healthy and good. I totally recommend it for anyone considering it!”


Kim Kardashian Eating Placenta


Until now you had to be a celebrity to get this exotic, and remarkable supplement, or a mother delivering a child, with hundreds of dollars to spend to process your own placenta into special capsules, which would eventually run out anyways. Well Placenta Products is bringing placentophagy, the process of placental consumption, to everyone through a safe, laboratory created supplement called Vitamin Placenta. By using porcine placental tissue Vicenta can account for variable standards through specific enzyme testing, and through meticulous disease and bacteria eradication processes, an extract has been made from only the best parts of the placental tissue, which has been put in a capsule, weighed evenly to ensure for quality control standards, all in a GMP facility with strict standards to ensure sterile technique, quality control, and health standards.


January Jones Eating Placenta

January Jones Placenta

Star of the hit show Mad Men, January Jones, reported that she ate her placenta in order to give her strength. She is quoted as saying:

“Your placenta gets dehydrated and made into vitamins,” and these are the exact vitamins we capture in our product, Vitamin Placenta. When faced with criticism she mentioned that,“…we’re the only mammals who don’t ingest our own placentas.”

So no, it is not weird to consume the placenta, and hopefully through more education on the subject more people can be introduced to this quite amazing supplement, with benefits unlike anything before it.

Alicia Silverstone Eat Placenta

Alicia Silverstone ate her placenta, and it was love at first swallow.

"I've got to the point that my husband said, 'Did you have your happy pills today?'" Silverstone said on Live! with Kelly and Michael. "And I was really sad when they were gone. It really helped me."

Alicia Silverstone Eating Placenta


Well if you want to get in on this hype and try your own “happy pills,” and who wouldn’t, then buy this product! It will turn your life around and give you amazing benefits that no other supplement can do. Why do you think all of these celebrities are endorsing placental consumption, even if it may seem gross or not the “normal” thing to do? They mention it because they have the money to afford to get it done, and it works! And not just works, it makes life better because of the nutrients and endorphins that are released in the placenta, which every mammal on earth ingests after giving birth. Since we can’t all afford to have placenta capsuled, maybe because we are men who cannot give birth, or women who do not want to carry a child to experience these benefits, Placenta Products has created Vitamin Placenta, a safe, natural placental extract in a pill for men and women of legal age.

So far, we have seen placental pills as described as “happy pills” and giving women strength, reducing their depression, taking away pain, regulating mood, providing energy, and being overall life-changing. You now have the opportunity to experience all of that! Vitamin Placenta was specially designed to give men and women the same benefits that celebrities have experienced for years! This special supplement was in development and production for years, perfecting the formula in order to generate the same effects as these celebrities describe in the articles provided. And now, for a limited time, you can get them before they’re gone!

Holly Madison Placenta

Holly Madison Placenta

Holly Madison said, "I'm totally planning on having my placenta turned into pills I can take after giving birth," she wrote on her personal blog. "I heard it helps women recover faster and I want to recover as quickly as I can!"

Vitamin Placenta is only available for limited time in a limited quantity since it takes years to produce due to the complicated process and scientific laboratory practices needed to develop this specialized supplement. It is the only supplement of it’s kind available in the US, and made using GMP standards, the highest standards for production of goods in the US. And quantities are limited, with each production taking years due to the long and involved process, so make sure you get yours before they are gone!

Kim Zolciak Placenta

Treatment for Postpartum Depression

Chrissy Teigen did it to combat depression. Katherine Heigl did it too. KIm Zolciak not only personally consumed placenta, her husband Kroy Biermann did too! And they all experienced benefits from it, natural benefits which could not be provided through any pharmaceutical drug. Additionally, pharmaceutical drugs carry risks that placental consumption doesn’t, and many have side-effects worse than the conditions they try to treat. The only risks to placental consumption are risks of infection, however we take this risk so seriously that we test our placenta before production, during production, and after production, to make sure there are no harmful pathogens, diseases, or germs from our product. Additionally, we extract all the nutrients out of the placenta, so what you get in each pill is only the beneficial parts of the placenta, put in a capsule as an extract, so you never even have to taste it.

Mayim Bialik Vitamin

Mayim Bialik Supplement

Maybe Mayim Bialik said it best: "Human beings are the only mammals that have chosen to not routinely ingest their placenta, which is consumed by every other mammal for its protein and iron-rich properties that are critical in helping the mother's body recuperate after giving birth. End of story. It’s good for mammals to eat the placenta and we evolved for that purpose. Some people ingest the placenta pureed into a vegetable soup, some blend it with fruits, and for those among us who can’t bear the thought of either of those but still believe in the value of ingesting mammalian placenta, we have it dried and put into capsules."

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t found a reason to buy this product now then there is no telling when you will. Remember, quantities are limited, and this deal will be over if you don’t buy before the time runs out. Take a step to improve your health through proven science, and buy the best supplement you can for the money. Change your life forever with Vitamin Placenta. It will give you more energy, reduce pain, and help you feel happy. The celebrities who have experienced the benefits of placental consumption swear by it. So don’t take our word for it, listen to Kim Kardashian and the many other celebrities that have benefited from placenta pills. Get your own placenta pills for the first-ever with an over-the-counter supplement based on placental extract, and made for both men and women, which has been processed meticulously in a laboratory in the US using GMP standards. This product won’t be available for long, so buy now!

These studies were conducted using scientific methods. If you decide to try our supplement, Vitamin Placenta, here are just some of the benefits you may experience. Besides the results published here, you can learn more about the benefits of eating placenta pills by clicking on this article which goes over some of the main benefits of placental consumption such as anti-aging, clearer skin, reduced pain, more energy, less depression, not to mention vitamin intake! 

Katherine Heigl Placenta


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