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What are the Benefits of Placenta Pills?

What are the Benefits of Placenta Pills?

 Benefits of Eating Placenta

A Medical Perspective

What is a placenta? The placenta is a temporary organ that is formed during pregnancy in humans and mammalian animals. It acts as a buffer between the maternal immune system and the fetus, allowing for nutrition to pass to the fetus via the umbilical cord. The placenta is expelled from the body after delivery and can be collected or saved only after successful birth of the child or offspring.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, for thousands of years placenta was saved for its medicinal properties and was eaten to obtain certain health benefits. As Western medicine progressed, modern research has shown advantages of placenta consumption and demonstrated that the Chinese were correct in their belief in the health benefits of eating placenta.

Placenta Pills contain Stem Cells

Figure 1 Placenta Pills contain stem cells. A stem cell can turn into any type of cell in the body.

Placenta contains stem cells that have the ability to differentiate into various different types of cells. Placenta cells are also able to release different hormones. These unique properties make placental tissue a useful tool in maintaining health and wellness in humans. People eat placenta in the form of placenta capsules or placenta pills.

There are different methods of placenta encapsulation, and different placenta recipes such as a placenta smoothie, however, placental tissue is most commonly eaten in the form of encapsulated pills. Placenta pills like Vitamin Placenta contain a tasteless, odorless extract of placenta tissue. Unlike Traditional Chinese Medicine, the placenta used in Vitamin Placenta does not come from humans and is thoroughly tested throughout the manufacturing process for purity, potency and safety standards.

Why do people eat placenta? Well, there are many different reasons, and as we advance modern medicine and science we keep finding more benefits. Below is an overview of the benefits of eating placenta pills from a medical perspective:


Placenta pills provide good post partum depression help

Figure 2 Placenta pills provide good post-partum support

Placental Consumption Provides Good Post-Partum Support

Eating the placenta, also known as placentophagy, has several benefits for new mothers. Many mothers have reported decreased levels of certain vitamins and minerals such as iron and vitamin b. Placenta is naturally rich in every single vitamin necessary for survival, and can thus fill any deficiency in the body naturally. Placental ingestion also increases oxytocin production, a hormone associated with bonding. It also helps stop bleeding after delivery. Post-partum depression, or post-partum blues are common among new mothers. Placenta capsules can help with it naturally, without having to consume harmful pharmaceutical medications.


Placenta Boosts Mood

Figure 3 Placenta boosts mood. It helps reduce anxiety, stress and depression naturally.

Eating Placenta Improves Mood

Stress, anxiety, and depression are common mood disorders these days. Research shows that these problems can be cured naturally using placental tissue, which can be found in placenta pills. The placenta has properties to heal anxiety and depression by releasing a hormone called corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH). This hormone is released from the brain and is only found in placental tissue. It regulates several brain functions including circadian rhythm and mood. By balancing circadian rhythm, it helps synchronize other hormones, and the sleep-wake cycle, thus curing insomnia and improving mood.


Placenta Treats Anxiety

Figure 4 Placenta pills treat anxiety naturally. They contain vitamins for anxiety.

Placental Consumption Treats Anxiety

Going back to the corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH), placental tissue is the only organ where you will find this specific hormone. CRH acts as a natural vitamin for anxiety. Besides regulating circadian rhythm, it functions to reduce anxiety and stress. It does this naturally and effectively, without having the negative side-effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs for anxiety, which can overly sedate people and cause long-term dependency, tolerance and addiction. Some people experience anxiety because they are deficient in certain minerals as well. Placenta capsules or extracts are full of vitamins and minerals which allow the body to meet any deficiency naturally.


Placenta Improves Brain Activity

Figure 5 Placenta pills improve brain function and aid in productivity by improving energy, concentration, and memory.

Placenta Improves Brain Activity and Productivity

Placenta extract contains a hormone called placental opioid enhancing factor (POEF). This hormone causes a significant increase in productivity by enhancing concentration. It boosts energy and increases the sensitivity of the brain. Placenta pills also improve sleep, which further aids in improving concentration, memory, and productivity.


Placenta Reduces Pain

Figure 6 Placenta has natural factors which help reduce chronic pain. They serve as vitamins against pain in the brain.

Eating Placenta can Help Manage Pain

Placenta pills contain a certain protein called POEF which works as a vitamin for pain in the brain. Placental opioid enhancing factor (POEF) makes the brain more sensitive to naturally occurring opiate-like endorphins. Endorphins and other opiates are a part of the opioid system – a system that regulates pain in the body. Increased sensitivity of the brain to endogenous opioids reduces pain, thus allowing placental tissue to work as a natural painkiller. Interestingly, placenta has to be eaten to experience the pain reducing effects, as administration by other methods failed to illicit the same pain reduction. However, when eaten, it serves as a great natural treatment for chronic pain.


Placenta Reduces Depression

Figure 7 Placenta is an effective natural treatment for depression. It boosts energy, mood, and reduces anxiety and stress. This allows your brain to rewire itself through neuroplasticity.

Placentophagy (Eating Placenta) Reduces Depression

Placentophagy, or eating placenta, reduces symptoms of depression such as insomnia, stress, and anxiety. It enhances brain function and allows the brain to repair itself through neuroplasticity, a process of rewiring the neurons or cells in our brain. Eating placenta regulates circadian rhythm through the CRH, telling your body when to go to bed and when to wake up. This boosts your energy levels in the morning, allowing you to feel refreshed when you wake up instead of tired. It elevates and affects mood regulation through the POEF, which helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression.


Placenta has Stem Cells

Figure 8 Placenta extract has stem Cells which repair & heal the body.

Placenta Extract Repairs and Heals

Placenta pills contain stem cells that have the potential to grow into other cell types. They can repair and heal tissue damage in the body. This can help in regeneration and rejuvenation, allow your muscles to heal faster after workouts, or skin to regrow faster after cuts or burns. Taking placenta capsules like Vitamin Placenta can prevent and repair damage in your body and improve general health to all of your organs.


Placenta is Good for Your Hair

Figure 9 Placenta helps strengthen and fortify hair. It contains vitamins for hair growth and is scientifically proven to prevent hair loss naturally.

Placenta is Good for Hair

Hair loss is a commonly encountered problem these days. It is known as alopecia in medical terms. Hair needs appropriate nourishment in order to become strong and regrow. Placental tissue contains vitamins and other nutrients that are beneficial for hair health. Moreover, placenta pills provide growth factors that promote hair growth by keeping hair follicles alive and healthy. These growth factors serve as vitamins for hair growth and vitamins against hair loss. Placenta contains factors that promote new, strong hair growth and prevent hair-loss naturally.


Placenta Extract Benefits Skin

Figure 10 Placenta Extract penetrates the skin and promotes skin elasticity and collagen production. This reduces wrinkles and makes the skin look and feel younger.

Placenta Heals and Repairs Skin

The placenta is well-known for its anti-aging properties. It is popular among celebrities for the same reasons. It works by improving skin in various ways. Its anti-oxidant properties protect against oxidative damage and make skin look more beautiful. Its anti-microbial properties can protect the skin from infections. Placenta rejuvenates and repairs skin by boosting protein production. It increases skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles. Placenta extract directly stimulates the production of collagen, which has been scientifically proven to improve skin by reducing the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines.


Benefits of Placenta Pills

So what are the benefits of placenta consumption and why do people eat placenta? The simple answer is because placenta is rich in nutrients and minerals, and it has some very unique properties which allow it to benefit the body in a very unique way. As more research is done on the topic, we uncover more benefits to placental consumption.

In fact, there are so many benefits to eating placenta that it can be considered an all-in-one multi-vitamin, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, pain-reducer, mood-booster, skin-repairer and hair loss treatment. To answer the question again, why wouldn’t someone want to eat the placenta?

Placenta pills are an excellent way to achieve health, goodness, and beauty in a natural way. They can help you look and feel better. Until now they were only available to women post-birth. For the first time, anyone can experience the benefits of placenta consumption.

Vitamin Placenta is the only placenta supplement made in the US according to GMP standards, and the only ISO certified placental supplement in the world. It is the only one I would trust with my health, and the only one I would recommend to others.

Vitamin Placenta Pills

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