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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (2 Parts)

Part 1 - FAQ of 20 Most Commonly Asked Questions

1.      What is the origin of Vitamin Placenta?

Vitamin Placenta is created and manufactured in the United States of America.

2.      What are the benefits of Vitamin Placenta?

This placenta supplement helps retain skin's elasticity, promotes new hair growth, reduces stress, anxiety, pain, irritability, and symptoms of depression, improves mood and treat insomnia, helps regulate hormones, and boosts brain function.

3.      Is it derived from the Human Placenta?

Vitamin Placenta is made from Pigs' Placenta and isn't sourced from humans.

4.      Is it ISO certified?

Vitamin Placenta is ISO certified for safety, efficiency, and purity.

5.      Is it safe to consume?

Vitamin Placenta is ISO certified and made of Pigs' Placenta. It's 100% safe.

6.      Does Vitamin Placenta have any side effects?

There is no such case recorded yet.

7.      What is Vitamin Placenta?

Vitamin Placenta is modern medicine, made of animal placenta, inspired by more than a thousand years old traditional Chinese Medicine.

8.      Is it only for women?

Vitamin Placenta is created to benefit both men and women.

9.      Does the pill have any smell and taste?

Vitamin Placenta Pills contain tasteless and odorless placenta extract.

10.  Can I take it just after giving birth?

Just like any other way of placenta consumption, Vitamin Placenta pills can be taken just after giving birth.

11.  How does Vitamin Placenta benefit postpartum depression?

Ingestion of the Placenta increases the production of oxytocin, a hormone associated with bonding. It also aids in the reduction of postpartum bleeding. Vitamin Placenta pills can help with it naturally, without the use of potentially harmful pharmaceutical medications.

12.  Can Vitamin Placenta improve my mood?

The Placenta has the ability to alleviate anxiety and depression by releasing a hormone known as corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH). This hormone is only found in placental tissue and is released by the brain. It controls a variety of brain functions, including circadian rhythm and mood. It helps synchronize other hormones and the sleep-wake cycle by balancing the circadian rhythm, thus curing insomnia and improving mood. Vitamin placenta, made from placental extract, can do the same thing without taking any harmful drugs.

13.  Can Vitamin Placenta be consumed to treat my anxiety?

CRH functions as a natural anti-anxiety vitamin. It not only regulates the circadian rhythm but also reduces anxiety and stress. It accomplishes this naturally and effectively, without the negative side effects of pharmaceutical drugs for anxiety, which can over-sedate people and cause long-term dependency, tolerance, and addiction. Some people deal with anxiety because they are deficient in certain minerals. Placenta capsules or extracts are high in vitamins and minerals, allowing the body to compensate for any deficiencies naturally.

14.  Can Vitamin Placenta improve my brain activity and productivity?

A hormone known as the placental opioid enhancing factor is found in placenta extract (POEF). This hormone increases productivity significantly by improving concentration. It boosts energy and increases brain sensitivity. Placenta also helps with sleep, which helps with concentration, memory, and productivity. Thus, Vitamin Placenta improves your brain activity and productivity.

15.  Can Vitamin Placenta help me manage pain?

POEF, a protein found in placenta pills, acts as a pain-relieving vitamin in the brain. POEF, or placental opioid enhancing factor, increases the brain's sensitivity to naturally occurring opiate-like endorphins. Endorphins and other opiates are components of the opioid system, which regulates pain in the body. Increased brain sensitivity to endogenous opioids reduces pain, allowing placental tissue to function as a natural painkiller. Surprisingly, eating the Placenta is required to experience the pain-relieving effects, as other methods of administration failed to produce the same results. However, when consumed, it is an excellent natural treatment for chronic pain. Vitamin Placenta makes it easy for you.

16.  Can Vitamin Placenta reduce my depression?

It elevates and influences mood regulation via the POEF, which aids in the reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression.

17.  How does Vitamin Placenta repair and heal my tissues and muscles?            

Placenta pills contain stem cells, which have the ability to grow into other cell types. They have the ability to repair and heal tissue damage in the body. This can aid in regeneration and rejuvenation, as well as allowing your muscles to heal faster after workouts and your skin to regrow faster after cuts or burns. Taking Vitamin Placenta can help prevent and repair damage in your body and improve overall health for all of your organs.

18.  Can Vitamin Placenta help with hair regrowth?

Hair requires proper nutrition to grow strong and regrow. Vitamins and other nutrients found in placental tissue are beneficial to hair health. Furthermore, placenta pills contain growth factors that encourage hair growth by keeping hair follicles alive and healthy. These growth factors act like vitamins for hair growth as well as anti-hair-loss vitamins. The Placenta contains factors that promote new, strong hair growth and naturally prevent hair loss. Thus, Vitamin Placenta helps to grow new hair and is the best natural medicine for alopecia.

19.  Does Vitamin Placenta heal or repair the skin?

Its antioxidant properties protect skin from oxidative damage and improve its appearance. Its antimicrobial properties can keep infections at bay. By increasing protein production, the Placenta rejuvenates and repairs skin. It improves skin elasticity and helps to prevent wrinkles. Placenta extract directly stimulates collagen production, which studies have shown to improve skin by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. You can avail these benefits of the placental extract by taking Vitamin Placenta.

20.  Why is taking Vitamin Placenta better than consuming my own Placenta?

Placenta pills are an excellent natural way to achieve health, goodness, and beauty. They can improve your appearance and your overall well-being. They were previously only available to women after giving birth. For the first time, both men and women can benefit from placenta consumption. Vitamin Placenta is an ISO-certified first natural placental supplement made from Pigs' Placenta. It has no unpleasant odor or taste like raw Placenta. It won't be unpleasant either to consume, like consuming one's own Placenta. 


Part 2 - FAQ of 50 Complex/Remaining Questions

1. Who are the placenta pills for?

These pills are made for every man and woman dealing with pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and health issues. While treatments are available for these medical conditions, vitamin placenta pills bring natural treatment for you without any adverse side effects. It is still important for people of all ages to use it after consulting their doctor.

2. Which parts of your body get benefits of eating Placenta

The whole body needs different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, but we cannot add everything to our diet in a healthy way. With Placenta capsules, we get every nutrient our body needs in a single capsule. In this way, we can bring benefits to our brain, internal organs, strength, and skin. So, it will make you beautiful, strong, and sharp.

3. Does vitamin placenta come from humans?

A major misconception about placenta products is that these products come from humans. Even though it is an all-natural product, it is not sourced from humans. So, if you are worried about it not being good for you, keep in mind that: it is an all-natural product with ISO certifications, and it does not come from humans.

4. How safe is it to use placenta pills?

Yes, it is safe to use placenta pills when you know all the ingredients. The ISO certification for safety, purity, and efficacy makes it even safer to use for everyone. However, it is still better to consult your doctor or dietician before starting its use.

5. Can placenta pills be risky for anyone?

Being an all-natural product, it is not risky for anyone until there is some special case. However, pregnant women and new moms must consult its usage with their doctors to be safe from infections and issues. Other than that, placenta consumption is good for both men and women.

6. Can vitamin placenta dosage make up for a bad diet and routine?

Our bodies are designed to take vital nutrients and minerals from natural sources. Making it dependent on pills and capsules is not the best practice. It is why a healthy diet is necessary, and nothing can replace it. The Placenta can make up for the deficiencies, but it will not make up for your bad diet and eating routine.

7. What to do if I face any adverse side effects after taking Placenta?

If you feel like you have side effects after taking a placenta capsule, you need to stop its dosage. Take an appointment with your doctor at your earliest and consult the side effects you face. Inform them about your routine medications as well. Now your doctor will tell you what to do about continuing Placenta.

8. What will happen if I skip vitamin placenta dosage for a day?

The main reason to use Placenta is to keep your hormones balanced and get rid of stress and other brain-related problems. Skipping your placenta dosage for one day may not cause major issues for your body. However, you may feel some lack of energy.

9. Is taking too much vitamin placenta good?

No, excess of everything is bad for our bodies. So, when you are taking this vitamin, you need to be careful about its recommended usage. Take it according to the recommended dosage and nutrition facts, as overdosage may lead to different issues.

10. Can I take vitamin placenta while taking some other supplements?

There is nothing wrong with doing it as long as they do not react to each other. It is why consulting your nutritionist and doctor before starting its dosage is important. They will study everything about your body and its requirements and tell you how to take your placenta dosage.

11. Will taking vitamin placenta to help me get rid of my medication?

Yes, it can help, but it depends on your medication. For example, if you are using antidepressants or skin tightening medicines, Placenta may reduce or finish the need to use them. It also depends on your body's response to medications and Placenta.

12. Can I take vitamin supplement pills without a recommendation from a doctor?

The Placenta is available to buy online, making it very easy to get. Even if you can buy it online, you must consider asking your professional nutritionist about starting its dosage. They may ask you to stop taking some other supplements considering the benefits of Placenta.

13. How to take placenta pills?

You can take it just like you take your other dietary supplements. Take them with a glass of water during or after your meals. Whether you take Placenta 2 times a day or 3 times a day, it will be better to take it along with your meal.

14. How are the placenta pills beneficial for smooth skin?

If you are starting to see aging factors on your skin like wrinkles and fine lines, then you need to start taking Placenta. Taking it will stimulate the production of collagen in your body. It will naturally make your skin tighter with fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

15. Can I take placenta pills to deal with my hair loss issue?

The Placenta is good for individuals going through hair-loss issues. It is because Placenta reduces hair loss and promotes the growth of new hair and their good health. It is because of its qualities against alopecia issues in individuals. So, if you want to repair damage to your hair, taking Placenta is a good option.

16. Are there any past placenta usage results?

Yes, Placenta is historically known for its health benefits, specifically for our skin. In fact, in 1980, burn victims were treated with Placenta. It helped repair the damage done to the old skin by burns and promoted new skin growth in the burnt areas.

17. How do placenta pills work for the brain?

The Placenta brings amazing benefits to your brain. It works on CHR(Corticotrophin-releasing hormone) responsible for maintaining stress levels. In this way, Placenta can help boost your mood and keep anxiety and depression away from you. It also helps maintain good energy levels and helps promote brain health over the long run.

18. Will taking placenta capsules to enhance my performance?

Yes, Placenta will enhance your performance in work and personal life. It is because its usage balances the level of hormones inside your body and reduces stress levels. POEF works to improve your mood, and all of these together can help improve your performance in different factors of life.

19. How can placenta capsules help in better mood regulation?

Making Placenta a part of your diet can reduce the symptoms of depression in your body. At the same time, it can decrease anger and annoyance in you. With better energy and regulated hormone levels, you will feel a happier and brighter self. So, Placenta can help better mood regulation through good brain function in this way.

20. Do placenta products have any relation to one’s confidence?

Yes, these products have a direct relation to your confidence. Lack of energy, stress, depression, anxiety and lack of performance leads to a lack of confidence. With placenta consumption, you can regain your confidence healthily by saying goodbye to all your problems.

21. Will placenta capsules fix my sleep cycle?

Yes, it may not directly make you fall asleep at the right time, but there are many indirect ways by which it can fix your sleep cycle. First, it will make your anxiety and stress disappear, which are two major reasons for insomnia. Secondly, the boost in energy and performance will make you tired at the right time, making you sleep well. So, making it a part of your routine can help you with your sleep cycle.

22. Are there any current usage results of placenta capsules?

Yes, it has been proving to be a successful product worldwide. There are many user reviews stating how well it works. Similarly, some celebrities use these capsules in their routine. Some people also name these their happy pills because of the boost it brings to their mood.

23. Can placenta capsules be my all-in-one supplement source?

These capsules can be your all-in-one supplement, depending on your dosage requirements. For example, if you are only taking those supplements present in Placenta, there will be no need to continue those. As the regular supplements come as one for one nutrient, Placenta will solve all your problems.

24. Can I get sick by using Placenta capsules?

In most cases, there are least chances of getting any sickness. However, there could be some infections. These chances increase when you are already taking some medication, and you start placenta dosage without consulting your doctor about it. So, you always need to inform your doctor for the least chances of getting sick from these capsules.

25. What nutrients will I get from consuming placenta products?

The Placenta is full of beneficial stuff for your body. It contains Vitamin B6 and B12. There is iron in it, full of reproductive hormones, including progesterone and estrogen. These hormones drop in the body after giving birth to the baby, and consuming Placenta can help regulate the hormone levels in your body.

26. What are the benefits of eating Placenta for new mothers?

The Placenta comes with amazing benefits for mothers, especially the new ones. It can help them with lowering postpartum depression. The placenta can also help quickly balance hormones to normal levels and boost the natural milk supply. The placenta is also good for the prevention of anemia in new mothers.

27. What is the normal dosage of placenta products?

It specifically depends on your body and its requirements for different nutrients. However, on average, a woman takes around 1 to 2 pills 2 to 3 times a day. It means that the normal average usage of the Placenta is 2 to 6 pills daily. Remember that this might not be right for your body, so always consider your nutrition requirements.

28. Why is the human Placenta not good for ingestion?

The placenta products you get here are not made with human Placenta because they are not good for ingestion. The research found that there are several different types of bacteria in it. So, if a human being ingests it, the bacteria will also go inside the body, leading to different types of injections.

29. Are placenta products made with human Placenta?

No, Placenta is not sourced from human beings at all. Instead, other sources, including mammals and other animals, are used to get this vital item. The human Placenta is usually discarded in biowaste after the birth of a baby, or sometimes it is stored for research purposes.

30. Where is Placenta found in the body?

The Placenta is an organ present in the uterus. It is attached to a wall there, and it arises into the baby's umbilical cord. It does not serve any purpose after the birth of the baby. Placenta is not only present in human beings, but it is also present in other mammals along with some other animals.

31. Will not taking Placenta make me deficient in any nutrients?

When you take regular supplements, you only focus on a specific nutrient. However, this is not the case with Placenta. You can take these pills for a specific time to boost energy and improve your mood. It means that your body will not be solely relying on the nutrients. So, you will not face any nutrient deficiency.

32. What is the role of ISO regarding placenta products?

ISO plays an important role in making this product good for you. The standardization organization ensures that these products are up to the mark according to market standards. It ensures the efficacy, purity, and safety of consuming these products. As Placenta comes with ISO certifications, there is nothing you need to worry about.

33. How safe is it to take placenta products if you have different medical conditions?

If you take it after consulting your doctor, there will be no issues. However, if you have some medical condition and take medication for it, not consulting doctors and starting its usage might be risky for you. There could be different side effects, including infections.

34. Are there any differences between placenta products and regular supplements?

Yes, there are significant differences between regular supplements and a placenta capsule. First, the placenta capsule here is made with all-natural ingredients, while some regular supplements are artificially made. Secondly, the placenta capsule does not focus on specific nutrients, unlike regular ones. So, here you get a lot of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in one capsule.

35. How to check what amount of these pills I need daily?

Many online websites provide you with recommended nutrition facts according to:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Activity level
  • Age, etc.

You can check any of those websites and input your stats. There you will know about the nutrition facts. In this way, you can easily tell how many of these pills are good for you.

36. Will Placenta cause any side effects on the male reproductive system?

No, there are no such cases reported, and according to research, there are no specific side effects on the male reproductive system. However, if there is some special case with a medical condition, the user needs to be careful. According to the doctor's instructions, starting placenta dosage will be a good idea for such users.

37. Are there any benefits of eating Placenta for addicts?

Smoking and alcohol consumption are among the worst types of addiction. These lead you to a lack of energy and a depressing lifestyle. With Placenta, you can boost your mood and get more energy for the brain and the body. Its stress reduction properties can help get rid of your addiction.

38. How strictly do I need to follow nutrition facts when taking Placenta?

Following nutrition facts is always a good choice for maintaining good health. Even when taking supplements to fulfill your body's requirements, you need to maintain the nutrition facts for a balanced diet. So, you can consult your nutritionist and check the tolerance you can go for. Remember that excess of everything is bad, even if it is natural.

39. Is there any time limit to follow before getting the benefits of eating Placenta?

Most dietary supplements claim to show results after a specific time of usage. The minimum time for using a supplement to see its results is 3-6 months. However, in the case of the placenta capsule, you do not have to wait at all. It will bring benefits to your mood and energy within a few days.

40. What will be the benefits of eating Placenta for old age people?

Most older people rely on their medications and several supplements throughout the day. It is because the body naturally becomes weak. So, the benefits of eating Placenta for such people will be better energy and strength. It will also help them solve their stress, anxiety, and depression-related issues.

41. Are there any benefits of eating Placenta for gym freaks?

It may not directly help you build any muscles or gain any mass. However, one of the biggest benefits of eating Placenta is that it organization has already verified all of these for you.

42. How beneficial is the placenta vitamin for me?

The Placenta is very beneficial for you because it can positively change your lifestyle. Your mental health to physical health will benefit every part of your body. The Placenta helps maintain good mental health with CHR and POEF effectiveness. At the same time, it improves collagen production, which brings benefits to skin and hair.

43. Why is placenta vitamin beneficial?

Every supplement you take brings some nutrients or minerals to your body that you are not getting enough from your diet. The same is the case with placenta vitamins, as you get different vitamins here. However, it is more beneficial in comparison because it is 100% natural with no synthetic ingredients.

44. What makes placenta vitamins stand apart from other supplements?

Out of many supplements available globally, only a few are made naturally. The Placenta is among those supplements that have no artificial ingredients. Additionally, there are no side effects from using Placenta. Moreover, it brings reliability to everyone regardless of gender, lifestyle, etc. These things, along with their high-quality, make it stand apart from other supplements.

45. What are the benefits of placenta vitamins for hair?

The Placenta comes with amazing benefits for your hair. It can make your hair healthier by fortifying them naturally. Additionally, Placenta promotes new hair growth by supplying necessary nutrients to the hair. It simultaneously helps fight stress and anxiety and combat alopecia, which are major reasons for hair loss. In this way, you can get several benefits for your hair.

46. What are the benefits of placenta vitamins for the skin?

Collagen is a vital ingredient in keeping our skin young. As the body is naturally not making enough collagen, taking the Placenta increases collagen production. So, your skin starts looking younger and tighter. The fine lines and wrinkles go away because the body keeps producing collagen naturally. Placenta also holds good skin repairing qualities and increases the skin's elasticity.

47. What are the benefits of placenta vitamins for nails?

The Placenta is good for your nails in direct and indirect ways. The Placenta helps repair and grow nails into healthier ones. At the same time, it gets rid of problems that make you damage your nails. These include depression, stress, and anxiety mainly. In this way, the placenta vitamin benefits your nails and gets rid of the root cause of having bad nails.

48. Do celebrities use placenta vitamins?

Yes, many celebrities are currently using Placenta, and they also speak about it. Those celebrities include Alicia Silverstone, January Jones, Mayim Bialik, Kim Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian. For most of them, Placenta brings benefits for making their mood better and helping them look and stay younger with good skin and healthy hair.

49. What does Kim Kardashian say about Placenta's effectiveness?

She says that she feels energized, and there are no signs of depression. According to her, every pill brings up the motivation and energy to perform even better. So, it can be an amazing consideration for anyone going through depression, stress, anxiety, and other mood-ruining issues.

50. What does Alicia Silverstone say about vitamin placenta’s effectiveness?

Alicia Silverstone mentions that her family calls these pills here happy pills. These pills help her every time she is going through a sad phase of her life. So, if you are also going through sad or depressive phases in your life, you need to try Alicia Silverstone’s happy pills now and see how effective they are.