Placenta Beauty Benefits

There are many health benefits to consuming placenta, but it has been known for years that it can help your body look younger by affecting your skin and hair. Placental consumption helps significantly in terms of skin elasticity. It can help you look years, if not decades younger, and can also help with your and skin, secrets that celebrities have known for years. Now you too can be in the know, and get your own secret to rejuvenating your skin, re-growing while strengthening your hair, and repairing damage caused over the years.

Placenta Benefits your Skin

Health benefits to the skin

Numerous different laboratory studies have shown how human skin benefits from placental extract. The benefits have also been mentioned by many people who have tried and experienced placental supplements. This is due to the nutrient content and properties of placental tissue. Placental extracts are readily absorbed by binding to specific receptors present on the surface of targeted cells followed by stimulating inactive or damaged tissues, organs, and cells in the body. Eating placenta provides tissue regeneration and repair.


Effect of Placenta Pills in a skin

 Cho TH, Park KM (2014) 

As seen in this schematic diagram, the mechanism of growth factors present in placental extracts trigger fibroblast, or skin cells, to produce collagen and provide elasticity to the skin. Placental extracts also exhibit many other therapeutic properties and act as a stimulant for tissue repair, wound healing, anti-inflammatory processes, tissue regeneration, and immunomodulation. It’s no wonder so many women take placenta to stay healthy and rejuvenated!

Vitamin Placenta has been created to take advantage of these many factors present in placental extract. It can help you stay looking young and beautiful, and aid in repair of any scars or lesions on the skin. The same way celebrities have benefited from supplementing placental extract, you can too. Our product wasn’t just made for women, as men too can take advantage of the youthful properties of placental tissue to keep their body looking youthful and radiant. And who wouldn’t want to look more young, beautiful, and healthy overall?

Vitamins in Placenta

In addition to the benefits to skin cells, as diagramed and shown in fibroblast cells above, the placenta also serves as a transportation vehicle to deliver nutrients, primarily glucose, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals for the growth and development of the fetus. Research findings are suggesting that these same nutrients which are delivered via the placenta could still be retained in the placenta after delivery of the fetus. This means that placental extracts could contain collagen, elastin, laminin, vitamins, trace elements, nucleic acids, amino acids, peptides, cytokines, and other growth factors.

Each of our supplements contained in Vitamin Placenta were specially derived to maximize the amount of these factors in each capsule. That means that the healing properties in placental tissue are present in vast quantities in each of our supplements, and through the specialized extraction process we make sure to maximize the amount of these nutrients while clearing away anything that would prevent them from helping you and your skin look it’s finest.

A scientific paper published by Young et al. analyzed the minerals and trace elements of encapsulated placental extracts by a process of coupled plasma mass spectrometry and reported the presence of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium silicon, sodium, and zinc in the extracts. These trace elements and minerals are essential in minute quantities for normal development of the human body and functioning of the body overall.


Placenta Beauty Benefits

Placenta Benefits Skin

Placenta Improves Skin

The extracellular matrix, or ECM, are present within all of our tissues and organs, and is the largest component in the dermal layer which provides structural integrity to all surrounding cells. They are comprised of collagens, proteoglycans, elastin, fibronectin, laminins, and other glycoproteins. Specific types of collagens are the main component in the ECM and provide strength, cell adhesion, tissue development, cellular migration, and chemotaxis, all of which are present in placental extract. Our placenta is also rich in elastin, which provides elasticity to the skin and recoils to tissues like a spring undergoing repeated stretch.

Placenta Extract

Besides benefits to the skin, placental extract was shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. This sort of reduction in inflammation helps the body remain beautiful, and fight of the inflammation causing red spots such as those you encounter after picking at your face. Placental extracts served as natural anti-oxidants as they contained superoxide Placental extract could also inhibit the growth of different bacteria and fungismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase, which neutralizes free radicals, and prevents cellular impairment and disease development.

There are also a variety of anti-microbial properties on the placenta. Histones H2A and H2B proteins isolated from fetal membrane of the placenta serve as endotoxin neutralizing barriers and provide protection against penetration by microorganisms. Furthermore, it has an inhibitory role against clinically isolated E. Coli strains from uterine and blood culture, indicating that placental extracts exhibit bacteriostatic and fungistatic activities.

Placenta Heals Damaged Skin

Placenta is also very effective at wound-healing properties. Usage of placental extracts for burn injuries, chronic wounds, and post-surgical dressings has already been applied as a traditional medicine in many countries ranging from China, Korea, and Japan. Research has showed that patients treated with placental growth factors enhanced the formation of epithelial and granulation tissue and accelerated the wound healing process.

All burn wounds applied with placenta membrane showed accelerated wound coverage and reconstruction of partial thickness burns when compared to a placebo group, indicating that the placenta membrane could be applied as a dressing for wounds. Placenta was chosen as it contained various growth factors which enhance the reconstruction of the skin as a rapid physiological wound healer.


Placenta Improves Hair

Placenta Improves Hair

Health benefits to Hair

Placenta also promotes hair growth. Alopecia is a problem attributable to hormones, genetic factors, autoimmune diseases, medications, and stress which alter the hair follicle cycle and cause hair loss. A scientific group led by Seo et al. showed the effectiveness of placental extracts in hair growth promotion. Eating placenta marked increased hair regrowth and expression of FGF-7 which play pivotal roles in maintain the anagen phase and the cellular proliferation of hair follicles, suggesting that they may be a good treatment of alopecia. This benefit is shown in women and specifically in men, which just reinforces the benefits of eating placenta for both sexes, and means you can benefit from Vitamin Placenta whether man or woman.

Vitamins for Hair Loss

Kwon et al. (2015) studied the effectiveness of human placental extract on hair growth and found that human placental extract promotes hair growth and, therefore, presents a potential treatment for hair loss.

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