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Learn About Vicenta & Why We Created Vitamin Placenta

About Vicenta - The Company Behind Vitamin Placenta

Vicenta, LLC, comes from the combination of Vitamin and Placenta. The company was started to provide a new supplement to the United States, based upon the placenta, an organ that acts as the most complete multi-vitamin. The healing properties within the placenta are so numerous, as more scientific studies have been conducted to confirm the benefits of placental tissue, Vicenta decided to bring these benefits directly to you in a safe and easy to take supplement. Many celebrities' like Kim & Kourtney Kardashian loved placenta pills. Our company believes that everyone can benefit from placental consumption, not just celebrities', and this product has been designed to be safe and beneficial to both men and women.

Placenta has been generally supplemented by women after giving birth, with companies offering to dry and capsule the placenta for ingestion after parturition. This is because placenta supplements benefit postpartum depression. While these supplements are generally good for people, they are specifically made for the woman who just gave birth, since the mother’s placenta would be turned into capsules, and consumption of  this specific placenta or other organs from other humans carries the risk of disease among other health concerns. That means that supplements made from another person’s placenta carries unnecessary risk of disease, claims of cannibalism, and cannot be safely mixed with other human’s placentas to create a standardized supplement for everyone.

Pig Placenta Pills

Vicenta has worked hard to create a porcine based placental extract that is safe for everyone to consume. One key benefits to this product is that it is not from a human source, so worries about consuming other human’s tissues and incurring diseases from humans can be avoided. The placenta we source is carefully selected from healthy pigs, which are processed in a sterile fashion to adhere to our strict health and manufacturing standards. We use pigs due to their similarity with humans, scientific research pointing to greater benefits from their placenta over any other mammal in regards to placental benefit, and safety in consumption when compared to other mammals due to the wide range of pig products already consumed. Our placenta is tested for a variety of different diseases and contains nothing that can harm anyone consuming the product. In fact, our quality control standards are so strict that only select placenta is used, out of which an extract is created, so there is no raw placenta inside our capsules. The final product is a carefully sourced, strictly processed, and sterile product that has been tested for safety and efficacy.

Vicenta has strategically partnered with a large pharmaceutical company to create the product, which is then mixed in a GMP facility containing the least amount of ingredients possible to make each capsule of Vitamin Placenta. This process is used to create other vitamins and supplements, and for the first time has been made into a safe placental supplement for everyone to consume. We treat each part of this process with exact precision to ensure that each capsule contains exactly what is depicted on the label and nothing more. Vicenta takes pride in making a supplement which contains exactly the right weight of extract in each capsule and utilizing pure placental extract and nothing more. Placenta has distinct benefits, which are unique and should not be mixed with any other ingredients for safety.

Placenta Extract

What separates our company from any other company in this field is that we take supplementation to a new standard and science. The product, Vitamin Placenta, was formulated in a laboratory, and is derived from an extract of placental tissue to ensure only the beneficial parts of the organ are preserved and concentrated into an easy to swallow capsule which masks any taste or smell. Upon ingestion, the capsule will easily be absorbed into the digestive tract where it begins to work its magic. Although Vicenta is one of the only companies that manufactures placental extract in the US, we want you to know that we also follow strict supplement guidelines to generate a top-quality, proven, consistent, and beneficial product, unlike other supplement manufacturers which promise you one thing and give you another. This means a lot to us because we want you to feel the benefits we have experienced first-hand from placental consumption. If you want to learn more about the benefits of consuming placenta, check out this article about the benefits of eating placenta pills.

This is a brand-new supplement of it’s kind, and is the first to market in the US. Although it has been done in China and Japan for hundreds of years, there exist a great need for a scientifically developed supplement made in the US with quality control standards in a GMP facility to effectively allow for a safe, natural, and effective placental supplement. Every part of production adheres to strict standards, and although the product does not have FDA approval, since it is not intended to diagnose or treat and disease, the pharmaceutical company which processes the placenta into an extract does have FDA approval in the US, which means that you can rely on the facilities to generate a safe product, which then gets processed in a GMP facility in the US. This stream-lined process is effective and efficient to ensure for the greatest benefits and least amount of harmful waste and by-products. We take pride in our product, which has been in development for years, and takes months to manufacture.

Placenta Pills made in the USA

Putting together a pharmaceutical company that can generate the safety and quality of porcine placenta into an extract was quite a long process, since we are very picky about who we work with, because only the top companies can be trusted with what we put in our supplement. Once we found the right partners, it took many months to develop and fine-tune the extract, which is the first of its kind. The extract was then meticulously weighed out into the proper dosage and put inside a capsule, with the exact dosage in each capsule, all in a GMP facility. We then added our label and created the first placental-based extract using pure porcine placental tissue. Now we took it one step further with our latest iteration, with new third party verification of our product to ensure quality, safety and efficacy through ISO certification - the gold standard in nutritional supplements.

Your health, beauty, and wellness are our top priority, so we take great care to develop the best product for you. Vitamin Placenta was developed so that everyone can finally benefit from all that the placenta has to offer. Vicenta has, was, and is focused on the scientific research along the way, so you will see in our benefits page that we quote many scientific articles. That’s because we want to show you that science will drive our company and our product, and only due to the science that was conducted before us did we decide to develop a supplement based on placental tissue. If you have read this far, you deserve to save some money on Vitamin Placenta, so visit the discount page with special promo codes on Vitamin Placenta.

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