Transformational Journey : How Placentophagy Revolutionized My Life

Boris Markosian, (Founder, President & CEO)

Embarking on extraordinary journey through my academic and professional pursuits, dedicated my unwavering efforts to unraveling the captivating wonders of the placenta.
Years of tireless work led me to develop groundbreaking cancer vaccine derived from placental tissue, inspired by the intriguing parallels between the placenta and cancer therapy.
The fruits of my labor are enshrined in international patent and can be discovered alongside the comprehensive research published under “Placental Vaccination Therapy for Cancer.”


However, it was a pivotal moment that acted as a catalyst for change, igniting a profound realization. Deep vwithin,knew that countless individuals yearned for a chance to embrace the rewarding benefits of this extraordinary supplement; Trapped in the clutches of anxiety, depression, and dependency on painkillers.
I exhausted every avenue in pursuit of recovery, experimenting with various pharmaceutical drugs, each burdened with its own set of side effects. Yet, despite my arduous efforts,found myself back at square one, disillusioned and disheartened.


But then, a miracle occurred—an extraordinary transformation that would reshape not only my own life but the lives of countless others. After years of unwavering dedication, painstaking research, and the establishment of an exceptional team,proudly present Vitamin Placenta—the embodiment of my tireless pursuit.
As the sole US-made placenta product, it comprises the remarkable porcine placental extract, abundantly rich in age- defying vitamins and minerals vital to life, symbolizing the culmination of my unyielding commitment.

Placenta Products LLC